What is my Suis bottle made from?

The Suis bottle is made from 100% recyclable soda-lime glass. The stainless steel lid is electroplated with 23.5k yellow gold, 22.5k rose gold, silver chrome or black chrome. When sealed, our leak-free lids are designed to ensure your water has next to no contact with any plastic.

What sets the Suis bottle apart from the rest?

Whether it is the design of the bottle opening that allows for thirsty, drip-free sipping, or the elegant precious metal lids that complement the latest trends in fashion and design, Suis bottles aim to please. If you have an eye for detail, you may notice the base of each bottle has a beautiful semi-solid design showcasing the quality of the glass, and that the inside of the lid is also electroplated to complement the outside. Ultimately, we believe the beauty of these bottles lie in their simplicity of design and quality of craftsmanship.

Why is each bottle labelled with a different word?

The concept of labelling each bottle with a different word is to empower each person to metaphorically embody the word that most resonates with them - after all we are all approximately 70% water! 'Be what you drink. Drink what you are.'

Where is my Suis bottle designed and manufactured from?

The Suis bottle was designed in Melbourne, Australia. The raw materials were manufactured in China. However, it is in Melbourne where we plate the lids and then press them by hand. From our base in Melbourne, we assemble the complete product - ready to be shipped to you.

What if my Suis bottle has blemishes?

Each glass bottle is individually handmade. So naturally, it may have its own individual imperfections that make it unique. We do however take immense care in ensuring the glass itself is of high quality and that there are no significant blemishes when it arrives to you. Please feel free to email us on if you have any further questions regarding this.

How much does my Suis bottle weigh?

The Suis bottle weighs about 300 grams. Not too heavy to weigh down your bag, and not so light that it would be too delicate for day-to-day use. 

Will my Suis bottle sit in my cup holder?

Yes, the Suis bottle has been designed to fit most standard cup holders. The base is measures about 6 cm in diameter, and the height is approximately 25 cm tall. Enough to carry the water you need for that next shopping trip, but not so big that you'll struggle to fit it in your standard tote bag.

Does my Suis bottle contain any BPA?

No. BPA (also known as Bisphenol A) is a chemical found in many disposable plastic bottles. Together with Phthalate, BPA is often used to manufacture plastic. These chemicals have been linked to increasing the risk of developing a number of health conditions such as foetal malformations in pregnant women, cancer, obesity, early onset puberty and diabetes. Suis ensures that these toxins are not used in the manufacturing of our bottles.